PHA Chairman, Mr. Zubair Baweja elected as Vice President, FPCCI 2020

PHA Chairman, Mr. Zubair Baweja gets elected as FPCCI Vice President securing second highest votes & only winning contestant in Association class from my UBG Group, which is an honor & pride as Chairman, Pakistan Hotels Association. Business community has high hopes from the leadership of trade bodies and FPCCI to help redress their key issues and from FPCCI forum. Mr. Baweja assured to do his best to become more effective in tackling problems faced by trade and industry with concrete suggestions from FPCCI to help the government formulate business friendly policies to serve the business community and hospitality industry of Pakistan. He assured to our members and all concerned that his efforts will reflect the utmost compassion, honesty and integrity in achieving our goals Insha Allah. We wish him all the best and Happy New Year 2020 to all.