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Pakistan Hotels Association was established in 1963 under Section 3 of the Trade Organizations Ordinance, 1961 and the license was granted by the Ministry of Commerce. All the compliance of the required law are being fulfilled till to date and according to the Ministry of Tourism, this body is the only representative body of hotel industry in Pakistan. All the leading hotels in Pakistan from One to Five Star are the members of this Association. It is nevertheless to mention that what is the contribution of hotel industry towards national exchequer. Just to give an idea, only hotel industry in Pakistan is contributing remarkable amount on account of different taxes and revenues to the government. The purpose of this Association is to strengthen, promote and work with Ministry of Tourism for the development of tourism and to give advice to the government to promote Tourism in Pakistan. To more focus on specific, Association changed its name from Pakistan Hotels, Restaurants and Clubs Association to Pakistan Hotels Association to have a clearer and true representation of this industry.
On the other hand, it is the platform, where PHA communicates between the stake holders and the government , if there is any situation relating to tax, infrastructure and policies etc etc. There are so many cases to quote whereby in past, this Association played a vital role in advising the Ministry of Tourism as well as the Government of Pakistan and the Governments of respective provinces to resolve the matters pertaining to the hotel industry. The Executive Committee of the Association since from the beginning has had all the professional hoteliers of Pakistan on board....

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