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  • March, 26 2022

PHA Executive Committee Meeting details held on March 02, 2022

The Executive Committee Meeting of PHA was held on Wednesday, the 2nd March, 2022 at Ramada Plaza Hotel, Karachi Airport along with Zoom video link for members outside Karachi. The Meeting commenced at 3.30 pm and following agenda points were taken up by the Members of the Executive Committee for discussions and approval: 1. Review and approval of Minutes of the Executive Committee Meeting held on December 17, 2021. 2. Update on Members meeting with Deputy Governor, State Bank of Pakistan: Mr, Hameed Kidwai gave a brief rundown of PHA’s various representations and applications made to the SBP for seeking relief / financial concessions on account of severe liquidity crunch being faced by the hotels during COVID-19 era. 3. Discussions on Import of Hotel Equipment. 4. Bed Tax in Federal Capital Territory and Baluchistan. 5. Distribution of Shields and Appreciation Certificates. Meeting was ended by distribution of Shields and Appreciation Certificates from Association to the retiring Office Bearers and E. C. Members for the year 2020-21. Chairman, Mr. Mohammad Anwar Qureshi distributed Shields and Certificates. Following is the list of recipients of 2020-21: 1. Mr. Haseeb A. Gardezi Chairman 2. Mr. Shakir Abu Bakar Bhura Senior Vice Chairman 3. Mr. Mirza Mansoor Ahmed Vice Chairman South 4. Mr. Irshad B. Anjum Vice Chairman North 5. Mr. Mohammad Akhtar BawanyExecutive Committee Member 6. Mr. Zubair Baweja Executive Committee Member 7. Mr. Ameen Lakhani Executive Committee Member 8. Mr. Rehan Faiz Pirzada Executive Committee Member 9. Mr. Fazal Ellahi Kushtiwala Executive Committee Member 10. Ms. Fauzia Hashim Olia Executive Committee Member 11. Mr. Hameed Kidwai was awarded Special Appreciation Certificate for imparting valuable contribution and outstanding leadership for strengthening Hospitality Industry of Pakistan being an Executive Committee Member of PHA for the period 2020-2022. Meeting pictures are being enclosed. Pakistan Hotels Association