Details of Membership Subscriptions for PHA

Following Subscriptions shall be payable by the Member Hotels as per the classification of their star ratings accorded:

Annual Subscriptions Details

(I) Five Star Hotels Rs. 50,000.00 Per Annum
(II) Four Star Hotels Rs. 35,000.00 Per Annum
(III) Three Star Hotels Rs. 20,000.00 Per Annum
(IV) Two Star Hotels Rs. 10,000.00 Per Annum
(V) One Star Hotels Rs. 5,000.00 Per Annum
Note: New Members Shall Be Subject To Admission Fee Equivalent To One Year's Annual Subscription. Example: New Membership For 4/5 Star Hotel: Subscription Rs. 35,000/- + Admission Fee Rs. 35,000/-, Total Payable Rs. 70,000/- Same Procedure Shall Be Applicable To All Category Hotels For New Membership Only. New Members Need To Provide Dts License With The Application Confirming Star Rating Of The Hotel
Subscription Year from 1st April to 31st March.
Membership Subscription shall be payable by the members in advance on or before March 31st each year as per rules of Memorandum and Articles of Association Applicable to all its Registered and Bonafide Members.